Survey of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong, funded by Research Centre of Migration and Mobility (2016-2017 )

The Centre on Migration and Mobility has started a survey of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. This study aims to systematically examine the situation of FDHs in Hong Kong. The sample will be formed by 1000 female domestic helpers from the Philippines and Indonesia. This study will conduct a face-to-face interview with the recruited participants with an anonymous, standardized questionnaire. The social survey intends to gather quantitative data on, among other issues, the scope of domestic work, their typical working conditions of domestic workers, common labor violations and abuses, the organizations addressing the issues of domestic work and abuse, the negotiation with employers about social boundary, history of migration, the interaction with family members in home countries, health status. This study will contribute to a more advanced understanding of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, and offer identification of existing challenges and recommended courses of action.